Writing Reviews

Writing Reviews are very important to us if it were possible

Writing Reviews are very important to us

if it were possible we would bribe or give you gifts in return for writing a review. But of course it’s against Amazon’s rules to do such things.

But not against the rules to simply sincerely ask you to write a review of a book you purchased. It would be very very appreciative.

We are so grateful that Amazon offers these books to the entire world. Billions of people. There is no way that all the folks will see these books.   But they have the opportunity to do so

One thing for sure  If there are no reviews then very very few will see these books  The more reviews a book receives the higher Amazon will put that book  For they are in business to make money

If these books are good and are bragged on by the people who reads them then amazon will put them so other folks can purchase as well.

Lillie sincerely is not writing these books to make money. Amazon is. But Lillie is wanting as many people in this world to see her books. If only one person read one of Lillie’s poems and found the Lord. That would be really wonderful. All of us need that special peace. That special walk that only the Lord can give.

I ask again please take a few minutes out of your time and jot down a quick heart felt review if one of these books touched you.

I went to amazon and grabbed the link for you to just click write and go.

We appreciate you very much.  We really do

God Bless!

We wish you and your family a joyous, Happy, and Spirit Filled Life.



David Rhodes and Lillie Rhodes Manley

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Review Link for ” A Christmas Light:  http://treasureify.com/reviewachristmaslight

Review Link for ” A Picnic with Jesus”:  http://treasureify.com/reviewapicnicwithjesus


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