Start a Family and Home Planner

Start a Family and Home Planner Hi Tresureify Books are beginning

Start a Family and Home Planner


Tresureify Books are beginning their publishing of planners.  We will have some great prices that you will love.  Trying to make the planners as affordable as possible.  Here are some tips about planners that I hope you will enjoy reading.


When you begin learning more about life and daily planners, one thing you will notice is that there are different types of planners. Some are about everything in your life, while others are more niche-specific. If you know your planner is mostly for home and family organization, then you might want a planner with the following options.


Birthdays and EventsStart a Family and Home Planner


First up is the main part of your family planner, which will include all important dates. This usually starts with birthdays of family and friends, followed by listing holidays on different calendar pages. You can then start adding to your schedule as things come up, from scheduled time off, vacations and trips, and other important events. Add little or small things so that you can really flesh out your schedule and know when it is time to prepare for each thing.


Cleaning and Home Maintenance


Another big way a planner helps with your home and family life is by keeping up with household chores. This might mean making a weekly or monthly cleaning to-do list, home maintenance tasks you want to get completed, or a list of spring cleaning with a checklist making it easy to see what has been done. This can be an ongoing thing, or just one page with all the main cleaning to do on a routine basis.


Meal Planning and Grocery Lists

Do you find that you are always running out of food, or your meals are planned poorly? Are you eating out too much? If so, use your planner! You can create different meal plans, decide what to get for kids’ lunches, plan a night out each week with the family, and even keep your grocery lists right in the planner. That way, when the grocery day comes up, you’re all ready to do.


Chores for the Kids


Keep a chore chart in your planner so you can keep up with your kids’ responsibilities, as well as any changes you want to make. You can keep lists of chores that need to be done, then list which child is beset suited for the task, or each month work on a rotation where you switch up the chores to make it fair.


Finance and Budgeting


When you have a home planner, you will most likely want a finance and budgeting section. This can be as broad or as specific as you need it to be. Maybe you want to stick to a budget for a special day, or you are saving up for a vacation. You can make notes of changes to your finances in the planner by noting what you are spending and on what. It is also a great tool when working on long-term savings.


We will be offering you personalized planners as well.  You can use our help desk and send us what you are looking for.  We will be more than happy to help you with this.


The Treasureify Team!


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