Products will be in Membership Area

Our Products will be in a Membership Area soon. I really


Our Products will be in a Membership Area soon.

I really do not think the look of the site will change.  In fact, it will much easier for you.

We plan on as time goes on have you the customer and you as an author some really great things.  Things that will not cost you anything.

We believe in treating the customer as we would want to be treated.  And as for me, I like to get free stuff that will help me in my internet marketing journey.

You as a customer will be receiving free journals, free planners, free calendars.

You as an author will be receiving free plug ins, free reports, and ways that will help you get your book out to as many people as you want.

This is one of the main things I am pushing now.  That is to publish more books, more journals, and more planners.  Then to be able to get the traffic to these products without spending an arm and leg.  I will personally share with you how we do it and give you the opportunity to come along at the lowest price possible.  Some absolutely will be free that I will share with you.

The membership area will be great with our plans.  We will be able to have all of our products in one place.  The free products with the paid products.  You will join the membership then will have in your hands the tools that you will need.  All in one place.  No pressure to purchase but will be there if need to purchase.

Working with product dyno today to start moving the products in.

I will be making a post later as we grow together.



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