Only 75 Books left of Sweet Whispers of Hope

Take a look at that price that Amazon is selling Lillie’s

Take a look at that price that Amazon is selling Lillie’s First Book entitled “Sweet Whispers of Hope”.

The reason is that “Tate Publishing” has gone out of business and they have the rights to “Sweet Whispers of Hope”.  I guess Amazon is wanting to hold on to the last ones.  The way it’s going though, that book will be selling for over $2000.00 before someone actually purchases..

Lillie has around 75 paperback books for sale thought.  And it’s well under the price you see up there.

She said she would sell them for $10.00 a piece.  The same price she sold them when she had her book signing.   Well over 300 came to her book signing several years ago at her country church.

When I get a chance I will post some videos showing the past and showing her new book set to release in July of this year.

Be sure and get on the waiting list here to be the first one to get the book.  Especially during the three day launch from Amazon..  It will be free then!  She will also have the book published in paperback as well.  We will have it that if you buy the paperback you will get the kindle book free.   Or if you just want the kindle book then show up on the launch to get it free.  It is so exciting around this blue goose home….

Back to the book, “Sweet Whispers of Hope”.   Below is the link that will take you to the order form site to purchase “Sweet Whispers of Hope”.      

Unless she writes a second edition after the 75 are gone then the only place to purchase is Amazon at a price that “Lord help us” no one in their right mind will pay.

Purchase one or more of the 75 books that are left below:


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