New Christian Book

New Christian Book by Lillie Rhodes Manley is about to be

New Christian Book by Lillie Rhodes Manley is about to be published.

This book is written from the heart by Lillie.

It is a devotional book that I know each and everyone of you will enjoy and treasure for years to come.

I take it you know that I’m Lillie’s brother David who keeps up this blog for Lillie,  For Lillie is the first person who will tell you that she does not like to boast about her writings.  But I will!  

If you don’t have any of Lillie’s writings then you really are missing out a blessing to your heart.

Lillie has so much that she has not published and we are now beginning to transfer over into word to be able to share with you much.  

Give us some time and you will be receiving lots.  You can see her tweets on her personal facebook account –

Here is a sneak peek of the cover page of her next book that will be shared.  We plan on having a three day period where the book will be free from amazon.  Please watch out for that date.   Be sure and go to her facebook account and request to be her friend and mention that you heard about her new book. 


This way you won’t miss the free day period.  






If interested and want to get on the waiting list please contact using the help desk.  Please submit a ticket and we will happily get you on the list and will contact you when the free days happen.  


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