Lillie Rhodes Manley felt God’s call to serve Him through her

Lillie Rhodes Manley felt God’s call to serve Him through her writing and poetry, which she has done through contributions in daily devotionals, national Christian magazine articles, and memorial prose and poetry for her local country church and her much-loved community of Blue Goose in Lexington, Tennessee. Her first book, Sweet Whispers of Hope, emerged from her own broken heart and a deep burden to share with other broken hearts the reality of God’s Presence when our eyes are blinded with tears and our hearts are shattered with grief. More recently, she has felt a burden to write Bible stories for children using her own unique style of rhyming texts. In addition Lillie has written daily devotional books that have come to life from her daily tweets. Catch her tweets daily by following here. https://twitter.com/ScriptureofHope

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