Dolly’s Prayer Garden

Dolly’s Prayer Garden by Dolly Holland   I usually do not


Dolly’s Prayer Garden by Dolly Holland


I usually do not promote other books other than Lillie’s but I have to do this.  I guess you could say the Lord is asking me to do this.  Although at this time, this site does not reach a whole lot of people but if it only reaches who the Lord wants it to reach then that is good enough for me.

As you know Lillie is the author of the family.

Lillie meets other authors on Facebook and places and she met this nice woman on Facebook a while back.  Dolly Holland has a book out entitled “Dolly’s Prayer Garden” and you need to pick this little book up.  You can get it here by the way.          

It reminds me of a movie I watched a few months ago entitled “Prayer Warrior”.  I have to say by reading the introduction of Dolly’s book I can tell she is one of the Prayer Warriors.

Her story is in the book but I will share a bit here>

On a Sunday afternoon in July of 2001, I lay down to take a nap. When I awoke, I was unable to talk. I made sounds but not words, and I had lost some of my coordination. I was unable to button my blouse or do other simple tasks. At the emergency room, I was diagnosed with a brain aneurism. On Monday morning, I underwent brain surgery to remove the blood. The surgery was successful. I was able to talk again, and my coordination was restored. Thirteen years later I was recovering from my fifteenth mini-stroke, after the aneurism. I was seventy-nine years old. My husband and I had given our daughter and son-in-law two acres of mostly woods to build a cabin. One morning in July of 2014 the thought came to me; go out in the woods and pick up twigs and limbs that littered the ground. I did that in July and August to help clear the ground for the cabin. I didn’t know that summer while I was picking up twigs and tree limbs there would be no cabin built, but I was building a prayer garden. When the prayer garden was completed in October of 2015, I went for my six month checkup. My oncologist went over my blood tests and gave me very good news. She said, “I know that you believe in a Higher Power, but what you have been doing has healed you.” I did a happy dance right then and there in the doctor’s office. After that good report from the doctor, I decided to revise Nuggets from God for Godly Living a devotional which I had published in 2013. The book evolved from my daily thoughts which I posted on Facebook. The thought is an inspiration which I received during my daily Bible reading and prayer time with the Lord. In addition to the thought is a Scripture reference that goes along with the thought for the day. Scripture references are taken from both the Old and the New Testaments. Time alone daily with our heavenly Father to read the Bible and listen to Him speak to us yields three valuable benefits: 1. You are in the Lord’s presence and in His presence is fulness of joy (Psalm 16:11). 2. You are looking to the Lord, and He will keep you in perfect peace (Isaiah 26:3). 3. You are waiting upon the Lord, and your strength is renewed (Isaiah 40:31). I changed the title of the book from Nuggets from God for Godly Living to Dolly’s Prayer Garden. In addition to the daily devotionals, it includes the exercises in prayer I used during the fourteen months I was building the prayer garden. The exercises in prayer resulted in a prayer garden and recovery of my health from strokes. The same exercises can be profitable for you in facing challenges in life. You may be uncertain about the future, but obey the Lord and realize amazing results,



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