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I found this on the net from a well known publisher

I found this on the net from a well known publisher concerning how to connect your amazon affiliate link to every country.

If you are like me then you thought when you shared your amazon link  that everyone in the world could see it, click on it, and use that wonderful buy button.  I found out that only the United States Amazon only works in the United States.  Missing out on lots of sales arn’t we?

How To Generate a Universal Amazon Affiliate Link for Every Country


If you send someone in the UK to the US site, they will NOT be able to buy your book, and unless the customer knows how to navigate to the UK site and find your book, you’re missing out on international sales.

The first step is to generate your Amazon Affiliate link.

If you’re not already an Amazon affiliate, sign up for their affiliate program here.

Once you’ve signed up and created your account, sign in.

On the home page of your Amazon Associates dashboard, scroll over “Links & Banners” and Click “Product Links”

Next, search for your product on Amazon and click “Go.”

When you find the product, click “Get Link.”

Next, click the “Text Only” tab and you’ll see the code for your product in the box that says “3. Get HTML Code For This Product Link.” The code should look something like this:

The part of the code in bold is what you want to use for your affiliate link:

This is the link to the product’s page on Amazon with your affiliate tracking ID info attached (The affiliate tracking portion of the link is this text at the end starting with & tag)

Make sure to copy the full link for the product at this point, because you’re about to paste it in the next step.

All you need to do now is copy/paste the full link into the universal link creator tool at

Note: I recommend signing up for a free account at Geniuslink (formerly called GeoRiot) as it will allow you to get more analytics and data on who’s clicking on your links that you don’t get without the free account.

Portions of this was taken from with permission.  Thanks for your help.


Go to Geniuslink and open up a free account.  I actually am paying I think $7.00 monthly but it is well worth the price.  You can track just about anything you can imagine.


Lillie and David


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